20 June 2017 - Consumer Sentiment Drops

Australians are increasingly concerned about the state of the national economy, with two recent surveys highlighting decreased consumer sentiment. While there is still a lot to be optimistic about, the latest Westpac-Melbourne Institute survey showed decreased confidence at the start of June and the ANZ-Roy Morgan Consumer Confidence Index was flat after recent advances. A number of factors are responsible for the increasing pessimism felt in the community, including rising bank interest rates, higher energy costs, and weaker household incomes.



15 June 2017 - Housing Market Continues to Cool

The Australian housing market continues to cool, as price growth weakens in capital cities and supply levels increase across the country. The latest figures from CoreLogic show almost flat growth nation-wide in May, thanks mostly to declining growth in the previously booming markets of Sydney and Melbourne. While there has been talk of big price falls in 2018, leading property analysts are expecting a moderate price correction over a long period rather than a crash.



09 June 2017 - Should you be worried about household chemicals

A number of potentially dangerous chemicals may be residing around and under your kitchen sink, with the average household likely to contain around 62 toxic chemicals in cleaning products, food packaging, and other common household items. From phthalates and triclosan through to ammonium compounds and chlorine, is there any reason to worry about toxic exposure in the home or should we all relax and assume that appropriate safety regulations are in place?



05 June 2017 - Looking After your Neurotransmitters

Neurotransmitters are chemical messengers used by the brain to communicate with itself and other organ systems in the body. While these essential biological ingredients operate automatically and are largely ignored, they are responsible for regulating almost every function of human life. Your neurotransmitters affect all elements of cognitive and physical performance, meaning they have a huge influence on mental ability, emotional state, sleep patterns, weight regulation, and pain perception among other things.



01 June 2017 - Mankind May Have Come From Europe, Not Africa

According to a bold new conclusion, the last common ancestor we shared with chimps may have come from Europe rather than Africa. While East Africa is generally assumed to be the birthplace of mankind, this new study links our origins to ancient European apes discovered through Greek and Bulgarian fossils. Even though these findings are controversial, at the very least, the new evidence does cast earliest hominins from Africa in a new light.



16 May 2017 - Banks Not Happy with Budget

In a widely surprising move, Australian banks were hit with a $6.2 billion levy in the recent Federal Budget. Under new measures, banks with liabilities of more than $100 billion will be slugged 0.06 percent on those liabilities each year starting July 1, along with stepped-up controls and penalties for bank executives in an effort to improve fairness and accountability. While these measures have been widely supported by the Australian public and Opposition, the big five banks are far from happy.



15 May 2017 - Fastest Selling Suburbs

When it comes to selling property, number of days on market is highly dependent on price and location. While the real estate market in certain parts of Sydney and Melbourne remains heated, other parts of Australia are cooling off as property gains slow down and houses take longer to sell. Let's take a look at the fastest selling suburbs across the country and analyse the links between days on market, location, and affordability.



10 May 2017 - Becoming a Minimalist

In a busy modern world driven by consumption and greed, minimalism can be a valid and inspiring alternative. While the concept of minimalism means different things to different people, it can basically be understood as a pared-down aesthetic or lifestyle that attempts to do more with less. By intentionally trying to live with only the things that really matter, minimalists try to live a clear and sustainable existence that provides freedom from the mania of modern living.



10 May 2017 - Tradies Finance are going Viral

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05 May 2017 - Common Headaches and their Causes

Headaches are a big problem for many, with over half the world's population experiencing this common neurological condition each year. From tension headaches and migraines through to chronic and cluster headaches, there are more than 100 different ways that your head can hurt. Headaches have the potential to cause emotional distress and ruin lives, so it's important to find out what type of headache is causing you pain so you can find appropriate treatment.  



01 May 2017 - The End of Television

The place of television at the centre of the family home is being threatened, as more and more people favour personal digital devices over the communal nature of TV. According to a new study by Accenture, there has been a steep decline in the popularity of TV over the last few years, with Australians ahead of the curve when it comes to new viewing habits. With Internet speeds growing across the world and online services such as Netflix getting more popular all the time, traditional TV networks are starting to feel the pinch. 



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